About Us

At Qube Industries, we love green. Our aim is to change the market’s view on sustainable solutions and the reduction of our carbon footprint. We strive to develop innovative solutions for works tasked to us. With a strong focus on current and future carbon reduction challenges, we harness opportunities to provide cleaner solutions today for tomorrow.

Through development and innovation, we aim to shift Government attitudes to instil a better understanding of the impact of non-renewable energy sources and shift the focus toward more sustainable alternatives. We also hope to change attitudes in emerging markets by providing more carbon conscious solutions.

Qube Industries doesn’t want to just be part of the change, we want to lead the change.

All work is guaranteed

You can rest easy knowing Qube Industries is on the job. All our work is conducted according to Australian Standards and all our staff are fully trained and certified. We have a strong focus on safe work practices, with all our work ensuring the safety of our team and our customers. For further peace of mind, all our work is guaranteed.

You can rely on the professional team at Qube Industries to provide you with safe, quality, and innovative solutions.


With over 55 years’ combined industry experience, we understand the complexities and various compliance requirements of the Communications, Networking, Security and Nurse Call industries. Our differing backgrounds provide us with a comprehensive view of the challenges presented to us and an ability to quickly develop innovative solutions.

Our team are highly qualified professionals with extensive industry knowledge and experience. We believe in a philosophy of dynamic leadership and empowering our team to collaborate amongst themselves and with our customers to reach mutually beneficial outcomes.

We thrive on developing ground-breaking solutions to meet your Communications, Networking, Security and Nurse Call challenges. Our vision, passion and technical ability elevate us beyond many providers in our industry.

No job is too big or too small – we scale to meet your project requirements.

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Our Story

Qube Industries was founded in 2019. Our directors have over 55 years’ combined experience in the Electrical, Communications, Networking, Security and Nurse Call industries.

Individually we have proven track records of excellence, having delivered multimillion-dollar projects for high profile clients across the globe. As a team, we aim to combine our skills and experience to deliver a truly world class service to our customers.

But this is just the start. With the global drive toward carbon reduction , our ultimate aim is to develop innovative carbon reduction solutions that reduce the reliance on fossil fuels. Our interest in carbon reduction means our skillsets are rapidly evo lving to keep up with the latest standards and practices across the world.

We are constantly learning and developing new ways of delivering Communications, Security, Health Care, and Networking solutions to our customers.

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