Fire, Smoke & Carbon Detection

Fire, Smoke & Carbon Detection

Interconnected Smoke, Fire & CO (Carbon) Alarms

Every Home and Workplace must have adequate and appropriate Smoke/Fire detectors and CO (Carbon Monoxide) detectors fitted to ensure the safety of the people who live and work within the environment.

Different buildings require different types of detectors and these include photoelectric, ionization, combination, dual-sensor and often a combination of these.

To ensure your home, workplace, or health and hospitality facility are adequately protected from the threat of fire, it’s vital that you install the right type of Smoke, Fire or CO (Carbon Monoxide) detector. Qube Industries stocks high-performance detectors for all environments, to help you protect your home and workplace and give the occupants an early warning of any danger.

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Only working smoke alarms save lives!

1. You should install a smoke alarm in each sleeping area (bedroom) hallway living area and the top of stairways in a multi-level home. Smoke alarms should be supported by a home fire escape plan.

2. Test alarms monthly.

3. Vacuum dust from alarms every six months.

4. Replace batteries once a year. Some alarms have 10 year lithium batteries that do not need replacing every year.

5. Mains powered smoke alarms also have back-up batteries – check with the manufacturer if your model has batteries that need to be replaced regularly, or whether it has a re-chargeable battery.

6. Young children are likely to sleep through the sound of a smoke alarm, so you must alert them to a fire and help them escape to safety.

7. Installation of a smoke alarm is quick and easy. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, because smoke rises, mounting in the middle of the ceiling is recommended.

8. Maximum protection can be gained from interconnecting smoke alarms – so when one goes off they all go off alerting you and your family as quickly as possible if there is a fire.

9. Install a smoke alarm in every bedroom.

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