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Testing & Tagging

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Complete Smart Wiring solutions for your home or building.

There are so many ways your life can be made easier through smart building technology; from voice-activated systems, automated lighting & window shades to total building temperature control. The problem is setting each of these systems up yourself often means devoting your time and energy while dealing with multiple apps and websites.

Qube Industries smart building professional electricians are experts at turning your building into a haven. We take the guesswork out smart building automation installation, including product selection and day-to-day usage. We have taken the time to choose the right manufacturers. We have gone through training and certification with each manufacturer we use. And we have over 20 years of know-how for clean installations done right the first time. And most of all, we make sure to that daily use of your smart building is simple and intuitive, thanks to well-planned design, training, and support after the installation.

We simplify controlling your smart building system by centralising all your services to feed them through the type of control system that makes you most comfortable. With our installation, you can have the choice of controlling your automated systems through a single app, using a voice system like Alexa, through a universal remote control or more than one of these options.

Complete Smart Wiring Solutions

Home Network
Climate Control
Home Theater
Intercom & Security
smart Lighting
Multi-room audio
Outdoor Lighting
Backup Generators

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