ENSIGN’s unique scalability ensures effective utilisation of capital, you only pay for what you need today, not what you may need tomorrow.

Non-Invasive Patient Monitoring

The heart of this system is a technologically advanced, super-sensitive Bed Sensor Pad (BSP) with integrated Wi-Fi communications module. The Bed Sensor Pad (BSP) is conveniently hidden underneath the mattress. There is no need to attach anything to the patient and no need to intrude on their privacy.

Caregiver Efficiency, Patient Safety & Comfort

Caregivers can monitor all their patients in real-time wherever they may be, from their network connected mobile phone, tablet or PC. ENSIGN will alert them if an event exceeds the parameters set for a patient.

With real-time monitoring a caregiver can respond to important events much faster than would otherwise be the case, resulting in greater patient safety and comfort.

Centralised Monitoring – Even Across Different Facilities

Institutions with multiple sites can monitor all or any of their facilities right down to an individual bed and / or alarm, from a central location. This is especially ideal for assisted living group housing where a full-time in-house carer may not be present.

ENSIGN is an all new patient care system that combines the very latest in embedded sensor technology with existing wireless infrastructure to enhance caregiver productivity and patient comfort and safety.

Individual Patient Cards (IPC)

The core of the ENSIGN patient display consists of ‘Individual Patient Cards’ (IPC). Caregivers and administrators view detailed and real-time information for each patient as well as the patient’s care level, current alarms, bed location and Bed Sensor Pad (BSP) information such as Wi-Fi connectivity.

A Caregiver-Friendly Interface With

Important Patient Information The ENSIGN interface is configurable and displays patient information in real-time. When ENSIGN detects a critical issue, it generates visual and audio alerts to advise Caregivers.

Flexible with Broad Compatibility

ENSIGN can just as easily monitor one patient or one hundred. It provides a fast, easy to navigate and responsive interface that can be displayed on Smart TVs, desktop PCs or mobile devices.

Caregivers can also quickly add patient notes, edit alarm settings and easily pull up trends and history for each patient for up to 30 days.

The system can be configured so that regular staff have access to only the group of Bed Sensor Pads that is designated to them, while facility Administrators have access to all groups.

What Can ENSIGN Monitor?

  • Patient out of Bed
  • Heart Rate
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Restlessness
  • Sleep Quality
  • Incontinence
  • Turn-over care reminders
  • And more…

Scalable Deployment for a Variety of Applications

Your ENSIGN system is designed to suit the needs of your own application whether it be a large hospital with multiple wards, a group of nursing homes or other medical institution, down to an individual private residence.

24 Hour, 7 & 30 Day Reporting Features

ENSIGN can tabulate and graph stored data which can be a valuable resource for problem solving, for example, Mrs. Smith is unusually quiet today and her ENSIGN record indicates a restless night. Staff might then conclude that a caregiver should check to see if there are any issues that may be causing her discomfort.

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